In 2018, a group of boys broke into Paris Hilton’s house and robbed her of 20 Birkin bags. One of them, which she has since managed to return to stock, turned out to be one of the most expensive items in the star’s closet. 60,000 Swarovski stones, anyone?

There is nothing we love more than the excessive wealth of Paris Hilton. The 40-year-old Paris is not ashamed of the hundreds of millions that lie in her bank account, and even more so she is not ashamed to show off the exaggerated purchases she makes in her spare time. When the star set out on a journey in her closet with Elle magazine, she unveiled one rather extreme item.

Paris presented some selected details from her mega-exaggerated wardrobe, and among dozens of branded dresses, diamond-studded dolls and other wonders – the star pulled out a pink Birkin bag laden with crystals. “My most pompous bag is this brikin, which they made for me personally,” she said. “If I was a case this is the case I was.”

No less than 60,000 Swarovski stones were placed on the pink bag, and in the past Paris said it took about 60 hours of work to paste them all. Paris added that she does not remember how much the case cost (look surprised), but we checked and reached the amount of 65 thousand dollars (208 thousand shekels). Not bad.

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