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The comic book writer Nacho moreno, creator of the series ‘Goomer’ together with illustrator Ricardo Martínez, has died in Cádiz at the age of 65, after an illness that manifested itself a few weeks ago, as reported by ‘El Mundo’.

Gone is @falsarius, (Nacho Moreno), Goomer’s scriptwriter among many things. What a great shame and how many laughs do you leave us“, has stated Pachi Idígoras, cartoonist and cartoonist in ‘El Mundo’, ‘Sur’, ‘La Bombonera’.

His colleague Malagón has also had words of memory for Nacho Moreno. “Rest in peace mate, I always enjoyed your work “, has written on his Twitter profile accompanying the news of the death published by the newspaper ‘El Mundo’.

Raúl Salazar, graphic humorist in ‘El Jueves’, has also referred to the death of Nacho Moreno “(the other part of Ricardo and Nacho), co-creator of Goomer”. “A wonderful work that would well deserve an adaptation on Netflix, but nevertheless, inexplicably, at this point is not even compiled in a comprehensive,” he said.

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