This is how Princess Beatrice was photographed just before giving birth
About three years ago Princess Beatrice knew the choice of her heart, and now she carries in her womb their first son or daughter. Just before the exciting birth, the princess and her partner went out on the streets of London – and were photographed like this


Sometimes we forget that there are other people in the Queen’s family house besides Prince Harry and Megan Merkel, and Princess Beatrice is without a doubt one of the most intriguing women in the palace. Prince Andrew’s daughter, who is at the height of his life drama, is expected to give birth for the first time in her life to a sweet son or daughter this spring, and so she was photographed just before the exciting birth.

The beautiful princess was documented at a birthday party in London, which she attended with her husband, Eduardo Maffley. The two stood outside the chic place with Beatrice in a short black dress, a floral jacket and small heels, and Eduardo in a particularly worthwhile suit and white sneakers. During the evening the two were photographed particularly close and in love, and we can not wait to see them embracing first baby.

As you may recall, in 2018 we told you curiously about the new and stunning friend of Princess Beatrice, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew. Beatrice began dating a handsome young man in his thirties who left his fiancée and son together – and invested entirely in a relationship with the British princess. The two got engaged and married last July, and last May they announced an exciting first pregnancy.

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