“Jennifer Lopez is not talking about a wedding right now”
After twenty years apart, exactly a year ago Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised the whole world when they came together against all odds. Last Friday she announced their second engagement but overseas sources say – a wedding is not on the agenda at the moment
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Last week Hollywood completely lost it when paparazzi photos of Jennifer Lopez with a huge green diamond ring flooded social media but within days the rumor gained a pretty satisfactory basis – Jay Lou revealed on Friday that she received a second marriage proposal from the mythical ex and current boyfriend , Actor Ben Affleck.

Before we all prepare for a white and star-studded night of nostalgic Hollywood weddings we haven’t seen in years, overseas gossip magazines report that wedding preparations have not begun and that not even the topic of the wedding has come up. An acquaintance of the couple told PEOPLE “Jay Lou loves her ring” and “can not stop looking at her” – but adds that the glittering couple “do not talk about marriage” at the moment.

Jennifer Lopez Cinderella (Photo: getty images)
Photo: getty images

Before you get fucked up, the reason for the lazy planning seems to be solely to do with the fact that Ben and Jennifer’s wedding will probably be small and intimate. “Both Ben and Jen want their wedding to be an elaborate statement of their love story to their friends and family – but they want it to be intimate.”

The huge comeback of Jay Lou and Ben Affleck – who have already regained their double name “Benifer” managed to drive fans crazy and until we get some pictures of them as a bride and groom we are told that the singer’s new ring features a rare, green and natural 8.5 carat diamond that the singer described to her associates. perfect”.

Jennifer Lopez, son of Affleck (Photo: twitter)
Photo: twitter

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