There is a new woman in Peter Qvortrup Geisling’s life
Peter Qvortrup Geisling is known from the program ‘Lægens bord’ on DR. Photo: DR

TV doctor Peter Qvortrup Geisling can not smile alone, because he rounds a sharp corner on Wednesday and turns 60 years old.

He has also got a girlfriend to celebrate the day with.

He tells Politiken in an interview on the occasion of the round birthday. Here he also makes it clear that he has been walking quietly with the doors for a while.

– You are the first I tell it to, he says to the newspaper.

The new girlfriend is named Lise, comes from Hjallerup and has two girls who swing well with Qvortrup Geisling’s daughter, Merle, reports Politiken further.

Children with ex-boyfriend
Merle has Peter Qvortrup Geisling with ex-boyfriend Christina Marie Jensen, and she is together with the new love in his life invited to the celebration of the round day.

When the two separated, they remained friends, and when neither of them subsequently found new boyfriends, they decided they wanted to be parents together.

Today, they live in the same upstairs, so 11-year-old Merle can come and go freely between their two apartments.

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