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The producer of the Megalopolis movie defends the director’s behavior.

Film director Francis Ford Coppolan of use Megalopolis– has been described as disturbing and unprofessional in the filming of the film.

British newspaper The Guardian published an extensive investigative article on the filming of the film on Tuesday. Science fiction drama Megalopolis is the 85-year-old Coppola’s eternal project, which will finally premiere on Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Guardian has anonymously interviewed several people who were part of the filming crew of the film, who say that Coppola behaved inappropriately on the set.

Among other things, Coppola pulled women to sit on his lap, several eyewitnesses say. The nightclub scene featured scantily clad women on set, and Coppola tried to kiss them to get them to “get into the mood”.

Darren Demetre, one of the film’s producers, defends Coppola. According to Demetre, the director kissed some women on the cheek in a friendly spirit.

“We filmed nightclub scene and Francis went around the sets hugging and giving kisses on the cheeks to the actors and background people. It was his way of inspiring and creating a club atmosphere that was important to the film. No complaints of harassment or bad behavior came to my attention during the entire project,” Demetre commented to The Guardian.

Coppola is also said to have been awkward, vague and procrastinating at work. According to the crew members, he did not have a precise vision for the film and did not plan the course of the shooting days.



Adam Driver (left) and Nathalie Emmanuel will be seen in the roles of the Megalopolis movie.

“He would often sit in his trailer for hours without talking to anyone and smoke marijuana. Hours passed and nothing was filmed. The actors and camera crew stood and waited. Then he stepped out and came up with something that didn’t make any sense,” says one employee.

“This sounds crazy, but sometimes we wondered to ourselves if this man had ever made a film before,” says another.

Megalopolis from the chaos that prevailed on the set was already in the news last yearwhen The Hollywood Reporter reported on the project’s budget and schedule problems, as well as the employees who were fired.

Coppola has been planning the film for decades and, according to several media, has invested 120 million dollars (about 111 million euros) of his own money into it.

Megalopolis tells about an architect who plans to rebuild a city resembling New York on the ruins of destruction.

The film features a huge cast of stars: the roles include, among others Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Aubrey Plaza, Nathaniel Emmanuel.

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