Tyra Banks is without a doubt a woman we adore, and when she revealed her real hair without a drop of makeup on her face – we had to tell you. So what does a model look like when she gets up in the morning? You guessed it, amazing

There is nothing we love more than models for revealing their true looks, and after quite a few stars who connected to their natural side in the days of the Corona, since the plague ended they have returned to the darkest corridors of hair and beauty salons. Apparently a new natural wave is starting right now, because a model on Tyra Banks, has revealed what she looks like without makeup and hair – and we are unconscious.

The 47.year.old model and presenter shared a series of photos on her Instagram page, in which she is with her natural hair and without a drop of makeup on her face. “Some people take a sedative, I take a break from my wig,” the model wrote, garnering millions of likes and tens of thousands of comments.

Recently it was Chloe Kardashian who also broke up with the hair extensions, and posted it to every Mann Dabai on social media. “I rarely take pictures with my natural hair, but I felt pretty good about it this time,” she wrote, asking the surfers not to ruin her enthusiasm. Chloe Preparation has garnered mostly supportive and enthusiastic responses, proving once again that Natural is the most sisterly.

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