The insane amount Trump will pay for his son’s school
Trump and his family started their new lives over half a year ago, and now they are starting to address the most important issues. The former presidential couple enrolled their son in one of the most expensive high schools in Florida – and that’s the price they’re going to pay

Last January, the Trump family for generations left the White House – and began their new life in Florida. Since then we have been trying to deal with the longing for the most surveyed presidential family in the system, and try to tell you about every change that is happening in the life of the former presidential gang. It is now reported that the youngest son of Trump and Melania, Baron (15), is enrolled in a particularly prestigious school near his home – and we have all the details.

In the young closet he will soon begin his studies at Oxbridge Academy High School, which offers young boys and girls “access to the latest technology, a 54-acre campus and enthusiastic educators.” Baron will soon be joined by nearly 500 students at the school, who were carefully selected, passed strict screenings, and paid a lot, but a lot of money.

A year of study at the prestigious high school will cost Trump and Melania $ 34,800, which is about NIS 111,000, we mention – * for one year *. The school principal said it was the first time he had talked about a student with the Secret Service, adding that they “want them to have as little impact as possible on our daily routine at the school. They have done it for other children of past presidents and they excel at it.”

About a month ago we told you that Baron was photographed for the first time in months with his mother in New York, and we could not ignore the crazy change the young boy has undergone in recent years. The 15-year-old in the closet was photographed with his mother as he exited the Trump Tower in New York carrying his mother, Louis Vuitton in a limited edition orange bag, and walked behind her until they got into the armored car. Melania also kept another bag close to her lap, holding Birkin for no less than $ 11,000 in white jeans and a black button-down shirt.

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