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The documentary tells about the asmr phenomenon, about which there is still little scientific research. However, this much is known that the phenomenon is real, and many people have received help from it, for example for insomnia

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Asmr is an acronym for autonomous soothing sensory experiences.

Experiencing Asmr involves the presence of another person.

The phenomenon is associated with euphoric feelings that can be evoked by different sounds.

Asmr’s popularity is growing and events are already organized for it.

This is Hormion and Anu Silfverbergin document Asmr – The perfect friend (2022) ten minutes pass before the psychology professor at the University of Berkeley Dacher Keltner opens up the short for viewers.

Asmr stands for autonomic sensory meridian response. It is translated into Finnish as follows: autonomous soothing sensory experiences. That may also remain unclear to many.

At first, the documentary introduces a few people who are sensitive to asmr, who also convey their experiences to others with videos that they publish online.

It’s about is about the euphoric feelings that, among other things, various sounds, such as hissing, rustling, rustling, rapping and others, arouse in some people. They are compared, for example, to vibrations caused by pleasant music, as well as to wonder, ecstasy, gratitude and compassion.

Before the science cards are laid out on the table, to the uninitiated, the phenomenon may seem like new-age hype, and the people in the documentary may seem crazy. Scientific information is still scarce. The issue started to be discussed in 2007 and the first study was not published until 2015.

Experiencing Asmr always involves the presence of another person

Sen however, it is known that asmr is real and not imaginary. It has been possible to measure its effects in the body and it has been found that it offers some help with depression and insomnia, for example.

Videos published online have made asmr a phenomenon. The most popular authors have a million subscribers, which is probably also an indication of the real impact.

However, asmr is hardly a new thing. It can also be triggered by a physical experience, for example brushing your hair. At least from a layman’s point of view, it could be related to synesthesia, where sensory perceptions cause surprising responses. In synesthesia, for example, letters can have counterparts in colors.

Apparently experiencing asmr always involves the presence of another person. In videos, their creators usually speak quietly or whisper and are very close to the camera – and the viewer.

It’s exciting that experiences can also be triggered by remote presence. For those who are prone, videos work, no matter how far away the creator is. It is probably the videos that have spread information and experiences about the old phenomenon far and wide.

Asmr – The perfect friend aims to open the world of experience of the phenomenon. Its theoretical and historical background remains distant – probably at least partly because it is still poorly known.

Apparently it is not even known how many people are able to experience asmr sensations. According to the documentary, asmr is not related to sexuality at all, but others think it can be.

Maybe everyone can get tinnitus to some extent and people differ only in their intensity. Children may be more sensitive than adults to asmr, which is thought to be fundamentally related to the pleasure of caregiving.

In any case, the documentary states that asmr is growing in popularity. Events are already being organized in the real world for the phenomenon that started online. One of the reasons for the increase is thought to be that loneliness is increasing in the world.

Asmr – Perfect friend, TV1 and Yle Areena.

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