In the artist Twins Pink Twins, ferns, magnolias and ginkgo trees grow at such a rate that they almost roll over the wall into the gallery space

The Pink Twins show is a mix of enchantment and discomfort.

Animation / video

Pink Twins 29.4. until the photo gallery in Hippolyte (Yrjönkatu 8–10). Tue – Fri 12–17, Sat – Sun 12–16.

Artist duo Pink Twins Juha Vehviläinen (p. 1978) i Vesa Vehviläinen (b. 1974) is known for turbocharged video works whose psychedelic computer graphics and cacophony frontier music overwhelm the eyes and ears.

The gallery Hippolyte’s exhibition also offers the enchanting and uncomfortable experience of an intricately mixed mix. The exhibition is clearly designed to swallow the viewer: compared to the gallery space, a huge video projection seems to fall over, and powerful, shaky music hurts in the ears. At the same time, there is something strangely captivating in the kaleidoscopic image stream.

Exhibition older of the works, The Eternal (2021), is more familiar with Pink Twins. The work carries through a tube that looks like a broken crystal, where images of Chinese gardens break up into fragments. At the end, the distorted image is integrated, and an uncontrolled vortex finds a counterbalance to the serene harmony of the classic gardens.

Fresher The Transientt (2022) is a new kind of opening for the brothers and at the same time a more interesting part of the exhibition. In a work that beats to the pace of hypnotically jumping music, nature goes on a round trip: ferns, magnolias, and ginkgo trees grow at such a rate that they almost roll over from the wall into the gallery space.

The animation of the work is more realistic and at the same time fresher than before. Its rhythmic movement leaves more breathing space than The Eternalin overlap. The Transient is surprisingly serene, even pretty, on the scale of Pink Twins ’maximal aesthetics – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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