The girls of the Kardashian family have been infected with quite a few Photoshop storms of one kind or another, and now a completely new storm is taking place, centered on the family star – Kim Kardashian. Did Photoshop or did not? Judge for yourself

Kim Kardashian uploads quite a few photos to her Instagram page, in most of them she looks absolutely perfect and flawless. It is known that Kim does quite a bit of sports and adheres to a proper diet in order to maintain her shape, but lately it seems that Kim has lost quite a bit – and a graphic designer claims that this is Photoshop par excellence.

The 40.year.old star recently shared many photos in lingerie, as part of promoting her lingerie brand, Skims. In one of the last photos she uploaded, in which she is photographed with her close friend, Stephanie Shepherd, Kim’s legs looked unusually thin, and the Photoshop expert explains that this is indeed an external intervention.

“Her space between the thighs is without a doubt Photoshop,” said the expert who spoke to the Sun. “Her knees are at different heights, but the most suspicious thing is how straight her thighs are compared to the other curves she has in her body. Photoshop has a specific tool that helps change the shape of her legs, and no doubt Sack used it.“

This is not the first time that Kim has been accused of such and such Photoshop scandals, and last winter the star shared an image that contained – in the opinion of surfers – aggressive Photoshop to say the least. She was followed by the Photoshop queen, Chloe, who tried to hide an unedited photo of herself from the web, and since then we have taken every photo on very limited bail.

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