More than a year has passed since Prince Harry and Megan Merkel left the British royal family, and since then they have not stopped stirring up storms. The fire against the two has intensified more than ever in recent months, especially after the two’s scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry’s series with Oprah dealing with mental health, in which Harry took out all the dirtiest laundry. It’s no secret that Harry managed to infuriate the British – but now they have decided to act.

Lady Colin Campbell, an expert on the royal family, has launched a petition calling on Prince Harry to withdraw from his royal titles once and for all. “The goal is for Prince Harry to voluntarily turn to the Queen and ask her to suspend his royal titles and ranks,” the petition page read. “In doing so, he will free himself from the diplomatic, political, and constitutional constraints that are an inevitable part of the royal ranks, as well as from the constitutional conflicts that his beliefs create in Britain and the United States.”

“Does damage to the monarchy.” Prince Harry and Megan Merkel | Photo: Karwai Tang; GettyImages IL

More than 41,000 people signed the petition, which set a target of 50,000 signatures. Among the signatories were those who chose to express their opinion of the prince, and came out against him with harsh criticism. “Harry has shown utter contempt for his family, his people and his heritage,” wrote one respondent. “His actions do not match his royal status, so he must relinquish the royal titles he received. He is only doing damage to the monarchy and the people of the United States.”

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