This is the truth behind Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy

Last Friday we officially learned that Kylie Jenner is pregnant for the second time. After quite a few rumors, now people close to the star reveal that she and her partner have been trying to get pregnant for a long time – and fans are sure that they have discovered what Kylie has in her stomach


Less than a week has passed since overseas media outlets confirmed many rumors, announcing that Kylie Jenner is second pregnant. Since then, followers have been trying to narrow down every hint in Kylie’s posts, which will soon become a mother of two, and now they are sure that it is indeed * two * and not two.

Kylie shared a photo of the sweet Stormy on her Instagram page, and wrote “My Favorite Girl.” The 24-year-old star added a blue heart emoji to the photo, and of course in a moment hundreds of comments piled up stating: Kylie Jenner is expecting a white. The reason? The blue heart, of course.

Simultaneously with the celebrations about the sex of the newborn, people close to Kylie told Us Weekly magazine that Kylie and Travis have been trying to get pregnant for a second time for quite a few months. “Kylie wanted Stormy’s brother or sister to be close to her age. She and Kendall grew up that way and she wants the same thing for her,” insiders said. “She and Travis have been trying to get pregnant for months.”

As you may recall, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott (30) started dating in April 2017, and in February 2018 they gave birth to their first daughter, Stormy. In the summer of 2019 the two broke up, but since then quite a few rumors have surfaced about such and such comebacks, until last May they were first spotted together at Travis’ birthday party. About two months ago, people close to the couple had already officially confirmed that they were together, and now it turns out that they are expecting a second baby. Good luck.

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