Kalevauva made a song about Mel Gibson news – Today’s troubadours are now seizing on absurd media cases

The troubadour group, which draws from comments on online blogs, now tackles news topics that are impossible to avoid.

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Mel Gibson’s visit to Finland inspired the Kalevauva.fi group.

The band released a song whose lyrics are based on the news.

Kalevauva draws topics from the news and turns them into songs.

Summer news can be heard at the band’s concerts and on social media.

Hollywood stars Mel Gibson’s the June visit to Finland was a real media spectacle – numerous media including HS wrote accurately about the actor’s movements in the capital region.

The Kalevauva.fi group, known for their humorous songs, took joy out of the news. The band released a video of the song on their social media, the lyrics of which are written by the editors.

Mel Gibson went in Espoo

Mel Gibson went In a restaurant in Porvoo

Mel Gibson said: I have hungry children

would they find food?

For example, Crocs and Gibson get a mention racist past.

“Everything didn’t even fit into the song when there was so much to match,” says another member of the duo Kimmo Numminen.

In the year Kalevauva, founded in 2016, is especially known for its lyrics inspired by the baby.fi forum. Since then, the group has also collected material from other discussion forums and, for example, the most disgusting sayings.

With a song about Mel Gibson, the band launched a series called Kalevauvan kesäutiset. In the series Numminen and Aapo Niininen sing, according to their own words, the “most important” news of the summer.

“When a piece of news hits many channels and nobody can avoid it, the inspiration comes that this should also be made into a song,” says Numminen.

According to Numminen, for example, the Mel Gibson news went into absurd spheres. It was written about in the news media and social media and talked about on radio and television.

“Actually, I woke up one night at 3:30 a.m., and the idea and melody of the whole song popped into my head – my subconscious forced me to do it, and then we finished it with Aapo.”

Band has also drawn from the news world last spring Winter caught motorists by surprise -to the paragraph where it can be found Instagram recording. About the week’s news -in current affairs, the band performed a song in 2017 about maternity leave and the president’s baby.

For example, the media monitoring of Hamina’s walrus from 2022 would have been the right topic. In the same year, also the prime minister at the time Sanna Marinin (sd) the jingle gang commotion born from the party videos gave the ingredients for the song. There is a piece blank from Norppalive.

“The walrus could be made into a play or a musical,” says Numminen.

Moorish and Niininen don’t particularly browse news sites in the hope of a funny topic, but the phenomenon has to come to the face every time.

“Now Orphan and Bite In Ruisrock, it has started to become a meme in the form of a picture, but I don’t know if there is still a wholeness to the song or a dramatic arc,” Numminen thinks, referring to Prime Minister Petteri Orpoo (kok) and Finance Minister Riikka Purraa (ps).

Mel Gibson’s the incident also gave the musicians a whole dramatic arc: the actor is spotted, he goes to a restaurant, he goes to Lapland. You can’t get a corresponding plot from a single news item.

“Let’s see if anything will happen this summer over Mel Gibson. We are looking forward to following, and at least this feels like a fun territorial invasion.”

Kalevauva’s summer news can be heard at the band’s concerts and on social media. This summer, the duo will perform in Turku, Joutsa and Hyvinkää.

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