Ben Affleck’s daughter explains why she always wears a mask
Violet Affleck, the 18-year-old daughter of the former Hollywood couple, is often caught by paparazzi photographers in Los Angeles wearing a mask on her face. Now, she reveals the real reason for this – and it’s not to maintain relative anonymity

Violet Affleck, the eldest daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, reveals that she is struggling with a health crisis. The 18-year-old is documented more than once on the streets of Los Angeles with a mask on her face as if the year is 2019 – but now the reason is revealed. In a speech she gave to the city’s board of supervisors, Violet explained that she suffers from post-corona syndrome (long covid), after contracting the virus.

In a speech she gave, in which she asked the government, among other things, to oppose the ban on masks, Violet, who began to suffer from various symptoms in 2019, said that she saw “firsthand that medicine does not always have answers to the consequences of even minor viruses.” In addition, she spoke in a speech about cardiovascular diseases that result from the difficult dealing with her condition, and the condition of many others.

Affleck, the daughter, received very divided opinions on social networks, some called her “brave” and “bold”, but others were a little less deceitful. The comments on the Instagram account of the “Daily Mail” read “This sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder that is better treated with a mental health professional and not a mask”, alongside another subtle hint: “Sounds like someone needs treatment”.

In addition, among the comments it was written “Sad. She seems to have anxiety or ADHD, or both”, alongside “But she can’t breathe even when she fights for it” and “No one stops her from wearing a mask”.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Long Covid occurs “months after infection and includes fatigue, weakness after exertion, shortness of breath, memory loss, diffuse pain, and a sharp drop in blood pressure.” In addition, it is a health condition that “caused widespread unemployment in the US and loss of wages of billions of dollars”. What is important, in our opinion, is that at the end of her speech, Violet, who just recently made her parents proud and graduated from high school, stated “I’m fine, now”. health.

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