Gladiator 2 – 24 years after the success with Russell Crowe, The trailer for the new film

Paramount Pictures has officially released the trailer for “Gladiator 2”, immediately arousing a wave of excitement among fans around the world. This new chapter, presented with a spectacular trailer seems to amplify the charm and intensity that made its predecessor, “Gladiator” unforgettable, capable of winning two Oscars, one for Best Picture and the second for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Russel Crowe.

Here’s the spectacular trailer released by Paramount Pictures

The production has invested heavily in cutting edge special effects to reproduce Rome as faithfully as possible and to make the battle scenes unforgettable up to the representation of an incredible naumachia. “Gladiator 2” offers a stellar cast that adds depth and tension to the epic drama directed once again by Ridley Scott. The protagonist is Paul Mescal as Lucius, supported by Pedro Pascal (Last Of Us Narcos) and an iconic Denzel Washington who seems to be increasingly comfortable in roles that require a complex personality. The film debut in Italy for the Gladiator 2 is scheduled for release on November 22.

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