Madonna’s Instagram in the face of reality

Madonna discovered social media years ago, but recently she has taken a step up when it comes to posting photos of herself. Now an Instagram page reveals the truth behind the star’s posts – and the difference is abysmal


Madonna has recently uploaded quite a few stunning photos of herself, which undoubtedly prove to be at her peak even at age 63. But an Instagram page aimed at spreading the truth about the glittering posts has recently revealed the essential differences between Madonna’s Instagram page and reality – and we’re pretty much in the market.

The star does not skimp on the posts she uploads to the networks, and she usually poses with minimal clothing in extreme lighting and rather strange angles. The Instagram page “problematic fame”, which has previously revealed a not insignificant Photoshop scandal in Chloe Kardashian’s section, uploaded a number of photos showing the Madonna of Instagram versus the Madonna of reality – and the differences are quite extreme.

Of course we have no problem with Madonna – with or without Photoshop – but there is no doubt that discovering that Madonna looks completely different from what we knew recently is an experience from a year of reality. Madonna, you faint as you are – release the edits!

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