Brad Pitt is one of the men we love most in Hollywood, and when the star was photographed in a new and disgusting block – we had to tell you first. Bye to hair, bye to bristles – hello to Italian Brad

Brad Pitt is one of our favorite actors in Hollywood, and even though it’s the oldest news we still think (and think) he’s the hottest actor in the Hollywood swamp. When Brad was filmed on a set for a new movie an even newer block – our womb started working, and we had to run to tell you.

Brad is currently being filmed for the movie “Babylon” with Margo Ruby and Toby Maguire, and was photographed coming out of a black car protected by a block no less than a disgrace. The fiery star wore white from head to toe, and on his top lay a matching white boob hat. Brad closed the look with a gold chain and a tiny, thin mustache, and looked like the hottest guy he was.

We follow closely the developments in the love life of Brad, whose name was linked about a year ago by the name of a 28.year.old German model, who turned out to be a mother of one and in an open happy marriage. Later the heated relationship ended, and recently they started talking overseas that Brad started with Oscar.winning actress Andre Day. This relationship also failed, and we really believe that Brad is just waiting to meet us and fall in love with us once and for all.

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