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Robin Wright, an actress known for her roles in titles such as ‘The Princess Bride’, ‘Forrest Gump’ or the series ‘House of Cards’, makes her directing debut with ‘In a wild place’, film that also stars as Edee, a woman that escapes from society after suffering unspeakable tragedy. Mexican actor Demián Bichir accompanies Robin as a co-star of this drama. The film, written by Jesse Chatham and Erin Digman, hits theaters this Friday, June 11.

Directing this feature film has been an incredible experience. We had a fantastic team of people who were very supportive.. Without these people, this would never have been possible, “says the interpreter in an interview with Europa Press in which she acknowledges that the greatest challenge she faced was the fact that They only had 29 days to shoot the film, in addition to suffering the unpredictable inclement weather.

For actor Demián Bichir, working alongside Robin was an honor. “He was happy to be invited to this his first adventure directing a feature film. I really wanted to witness it, I wanted to be there yes or yes, as an actor or bringing him coffee … It was truly wonderful and one of the most beautiful experiences I have had between actors.“, account.

Time heals all. That’s what Bichir has learned from Miguel, his character on the film. “Compassion and empathy is the best thing about human beings, and when we have the opportunity to provide it, we must embrace it.“, says the Mexican interpreter.


Making this movie was also a learning lesson for Robin Wright, especially in dealing with painful and difficult experiences in life. “I have learned that we must remember that there is hope, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We need the kindness and compassion of someone else to guide us through difficult times, “says the protagonist of ‘House of Cards’.

In his opinion, The film’s message will resonate with audiences, especially after a very difficult year for the entire world due to the coronavirus pandemic.. “It’s such a beautiful message … right now, after being isolated for the past year, away from our loved ones“says Robin, who confesses that he really wants to hug people again.

We are not connected like we used to be. Suddenly, we stop having physical contact with other people and that is not natural“, he points out.

In a wild place tells the shocking story of a woman who seeks meaning in her existence by facing the immensity and hostility of nature in its purest form. After an unspeakable tragedy, Edee (Robin Wright) feels unable to connect with the world she knew And, faced with the uncertainty, he decides to retire to the imposing and ruthless landscape of the Rocky Mountains. About to die and after being rescued by a local hunter (Demián Bichir), Edee must find a way to learn to live again.

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