‘Go’ Morgen P3 ‘host Maria Josefine Madsen, better known as JoJo, has given birth to a daughter named Delphine
It finally succeeded. After fertility treatment and subsequent pregnancy, JoJo has now given birth to a little daughter named Delphine. Photo: Petra Kleis / DR

It happened already on Sunday, but only yesterday Maria Josefine Madsen, better known by her alias JoJo, went to the keys and told the outside world that she had given birth to a daughter.

It happened on the 34-year-old P3 hostess’ Instagram profile.

’24 .04.22 our little Sunday baby came flying out of me two weeks ahead of time in a violent lightning birth in just 3 hours. We are completely overwhelmed, still a little shaken, happier than ever and high on love ‘, JoJo begins his post.

In October last year, Ekstra Bladet was able to tell about the jubilant woman who had finally become pregnant after a long course of fertility treatment.

– It’s really wonderful. I’ve been in treatment for a little over a year, but it feels like an infinity. And when I think about it, there are so many who go through it for years. It is completely unbearable, she said at the time.

She likes to tell about the birth when Ekstra Bladet calls to say congratulations.

– The birth felt a little violent – it only took three hours, and then she was out. The water went home in bed in the middle of the night two weeks ahead of time so I woke up and woke up my boyfriend and started crying and said ‘we are not ready at all!’. All the practical things were not ready. We were missing a car seat. No cloth diapers! The changing table was to be painted. Such some things went through my head. But then it just picked up speed and then she was out, JoJo smiles.

Must be named Delphine
She can reveal to Ekstra Bladet that the daughter will get the French-sounding special name Delphine.

– Was it somehow a relief that she came so suddenly. That way, you did not really get nervous up until the birth, did you?

– It was just as it should be – completely right, and that was just the way she should arrive, says a happy JoJo.

Precisely the fact that JoJo has been in fertility treatment up to pregnancy has caused there to be extra nervousness associated with pregnancy:

– I’ve been really nervous up to. This had only succeeded when she was out and about. Normally one waits for nine months for the baby, but we have struggled for so long that it feels as if she has been much longer along the way. It has been a great relief, cheers the radio host.

Burning sea of ​​flames
On her Instagram profile, JoJo goes a little further to the extremes when she has to tell about what the birth has exposed her body to.

‘My abdomen feels like a burning sea of ​​flames, and my body feels as if it has been run over by a freight train. But it does not matter at all. Because now she’s here. Our little big love ‘, it sounds, among other things.

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