After quite a few rumors, last weekend the overseas media confirmed that Kylie Jenner is expecting baby number 2. Although Kylie has not yet responded to the news, when she shared a story of herself in a bikini we looked for a pregnant belly – and she was not around

This past weekend, and after quite a few rumors on the subject, people close to Kylie Jenner confirmed that she is in the middle of her second pregnancy. The 24-year-old star is reportedly expecting baby number 2 with the father of her eldest daughter, Travis Scott, and while we await her response – she posted a video in a bikini.

The star is currently launching her swimwear brand, “Kylie Swim”, and less than a day ago she uploaded a teaser for a tiny pink bikini – with no belly around. The star was photographed with the tiny swimsuit and tied a matching pink fabric around her waist, and although they really hoped to see a pregnant belly – she was absent from the video.

Kylie probably filmed the story in question several months ago, and many fans have already found quite a bit of evidence that Kylie is working on this method to hide pregnancies. The star takes quite a few photos and videos of herself and uploads them weeks and sometimes months later, and just like that she managed to keep her first pregnancy a secret for a full nine months. Kylie, All Ice and US.

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