Michael Douglas bursts into tears after Debra Winger bites her in the hand – refused to star with Winger in the hugely popular Green Diamond Hunt

Winger’s gesture was meant to be a joke, but it broke Douglas ’skin as well as his belief that one could work with Winger on heavy filming in the jungle. The role was given to Kathleen Turner, and the film became a success.

American actor Michael Douglas refused to act Debra Wingerin with the early 1980s as Winger Puri Douglas in hand.

Winger was the film company’s number one contender for Douglas’ co-starring in a romantic jungle party For hunting a green diamond (1984).

To get to know them, they met in Texas while Winger was working On terms of affection in the filming of the movie. Both had their careers already up, but Douglas was better known than Winger.

According to Douglas, he enjoyed dinner with Winger, which was also attended by the director Robert Zemeckis. At least the tequila was overturned, and as the party walked out, Winger became playful.

Douglas describes the course of events as follows:

“In the same way someone could throw‘ you too! ’ and gently rebukes the arm, as a joke, he [Winger] reached out to me and Puri’s arm. ”

Douglas remembers shouting in pain, looking at Winger, who was still in a fun mood, and thinking, “I don’t really know … This could be tough.”

Debra Winger starred in Urban Cowboy (1980).

The skin of his arm, he said, was broken by the force of the attack.

Douglas recalled the encounter with the actor last Thursday Rob Lowen podcast. About the case also wrote Variety magazine.

Variety did not meet Winger to comment on the case.

After returning from Texas In Hollywood, Douglas met with film company executives to discuss hiring Debra Winger for the role.

That’s when he burst into tears.

“I told management I couldn’t go to the jungle with him – he was biting me!” Douglas recalls the podcast. Douglas, who starred, was also one Hunting for a green diamond producers.

The romantic action comedy was filmed in the Mexican jungle in difficult conditions, so it required team players committed to their work, Douglas told Variety in 2019. At the time, he said there was no clear answer from Winger as to whether he was interested in the role or not.

“He’s a real person,” Douglas describes in Lowe’s podcast.

Joan Wilderin role In the hunt for a green diamond finally got Kathleen Turnerwho had recently made his breakthrough Intoxicated (1981).

Turner depicts a New York love novelist who ends up in the rainforest of Colombia to escape drug dealers with a fortune-teller show presented by Douglas.

Green diamond hunting rode the wave of 1980s Indiana Jones-type adventure films and became a global hit.

Douglas and Turner returned to their roles in the sequel Nile gem (1985).

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