This past weekend Kenya West hosted the third play party for his tenth album, Donda. The event was broadcast live on Apple Music to millions of viewers around the world, who were privileged to see Kenya set fire to his childhood home and remarry Kim Kardashian. After the media event raised quite a few question marks regarding the relationship between Kim and Kenya, we have now been able to understand what is really going on between the newly divorced.

As you may recall, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kenya West about six months ago. Since then the two have lived separately, and their names have even been associated with the names of others in the short period of time that has passed. This past weekend, after months of disconnection, Kenya recruited Kim for his play party and “remarried” her in front of millions of viewers, and now insiders are explaining that a comeback – not really on the horizon.

“Kenya tells everyone in the industry that he and Kim are back, but no one is buying it. Everyone knows it’s not true,” a man involved in the details told Page Six. “The real story is that Kenya wants to defeat Drake in sales, so he puts on a full show to capture media attention. Kim and Kenya did not speak for months after she filed for divorce. They went back to talking last summer for the kids, but they did not go back to each other. “.

“Kim is a nice person and she is happy to support Kenya’s art. She wants them to have a good relationship, and when Kenya asked her to perform with her she happily agreed. Marriage is a complex thing, especially when there are children in the picture. They have a deep love for each other and a long history together. Working on rebuilding their friendships and supporting each other on a personal and social level.This is why Kim traveled with all the kids to three play parties, and they spend a lot of time together as a family in privacy.However, they did not return.The only thing they have in common is their love of communication “Kim will help Kenya earn as much as possible for the benefit of the children, and in the end it produces benefits for both of them.”

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