Danish reality stars acquitted of rape
The two TV celebrities were able to breathe a sigh of relief on Tuesday
The case has been heard in the Court in Kolding. Photo: Ernst van Norde

Two male reality stars have just been acquitted of rape at the Court in Kolding.

According to the media, the judge in the case believed that the testimonies of the witnesses were incoherent and therefore the two reality contestants, who have constantly pleaded not guilty, could not be convicted.

The woman explained, according to the media in court, that the two reality stars during a joint bar visit subjected her to coercion and tried to perform oral sex on her. Both men, however, claimed that it had all happened voluntarily.

Marie-Louise Johannesen from Stage Advokatfirma, who represented one of the two clients in the case, is pleased with the outcome.

– I can only say that I am incredibly happy and relieved about the verdict that has come. I think that is the right result, and I also believe that if one had been in court and seen the evidence that was presented, then the general public would also agree that there could not be another result, says she to Ekstra Bladet.

The prosecutor now has two weeks to assess whether the case should be appealed to the high court.

Marie-Louise Johannesen adds that she does not yet know whether cases will be appealed, but it will surprise her if it does.

Ekstra Bladet has been in contact with one of the two men, who we can not describe further due to the name ban. He does not want to comment on the outcome.

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