Ashley Graham, 33, gave birth to her first son about a year and a half ago, and is now carrying her second pregnancy in her womb. Just before the exciting birth, Ashley bombards Instagram with perfect photos in full nudity – and now she’s doing it bolder than ever

Ashley Graham is at the peak of her second pregnancy and she presents it to her millions of followers at every opportunity that comes her way. We are completely captives of the beautiful and pregnant star, and try to tell you about every amazing picture the star uploads, but the last picture she shared undoubtedly broke all records.

Ashley posted on her Instagram page an equally stunning nude photo, taken in recent weeks at the height of her second pregnancy. Ashley hid her chest with her hand and showed off her amazing pregnant belly, and her hair was carelessly scattered on her face. “Oh, she’s naked again,” she wrote of the perfect picture, referring to the plethora of naked pregnancy pictures she has posted in recent weeks.

This is not the first time that the beautiful and pregnant star is photographed with particularly minimal clothing, and causes us to base ourselves on the she spreads everywhere. In her previous pregnancy she was photographed in full nudity in quite impressive yoga poses, without a drop of Photoshop or editing on the photo. No doubt makes you want to get pregnant and be photographed as Ashley Graham.

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