‘Ex on the Beach’ Tessie is again accused of fraud
TV celebrity Tessie Skovly is once again accused of cheating. This time, it has gone beyond a jewelry company that should have promoted some stories on Instagram. Business owner is on his knees

According to the business owner, Tessie Skovly has cheated for 1000 kroner. Photo: Janus Nielsen

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Celebrity Tessie Skovly must gradually have a good knowledge of the concept of fraud. For the former ‘Ex on the Beach’ contestant is again linked to fraud.

24-year-old Zaen Bashir is a co-founder of the newly started jewelery company New Ring, which in January this year contacted Tessie Skovly to get the small company promoted on Instagram.

The bikini babe has no fewer than 49,800 followers on Instagram, which Zaen Bashir found interesting. And according to him, Tessie Skovly promised gold and green forests so that a collaboration could be entered into between the parties.

– She promised a lot of results. Among other things, she wanted to create 500 followers for the company, which other influencers usually do not. It sounded exciting, Zaen Bashir tells Ekstra Bladet.

1000 kroner is a lot of money for Zaen Bashir, who studies at the same time as working in the small company. Private photo

‘Discount’ for students
After a closer look at Tessie Skovly’s profile in relation to target group, gender and exposures, the New Ring founder was determined to enter into a collaboration with the celebrity.

And for Zaen Bashir, who is a student and recipient of SU, it was an agreement that he could nod to right away.

– I negotiated a good price with Tessie. The company paid her $ 1,000 for about 20 stories, and we sent the rings she was to promote right away.

With what was supposed to be the perfect match, it ended up being the exact opposite, says Zaen Bashir.

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'Ex on the beach' Tessie, previously convicted of fraud, has no comment on the case. Photo: Janus Nielsen
‘Ex on the beach’ Tessie, previously convicted of fraud, has no comment on the case. Photo: Janus Nielsen

Bikini babe in aviator hide
Zaen Bashir paid the TV celebrity the money the same evening when the parties shook hands on the agreement – that is, January 13 this year, he says.

But as the weeks went by, nothing was shared on Tessie Skovly’s Instagram.

– She came up with a lot of excuses. A month after our appointment, she told us that her grandfather was very ill. In the meantime, she had posted a number of other commercials, which she deleted again. It was very atypical.

The months passed and there was still no sound from Tessie Skovly. And according to Zaen Bashir, the celebrity to this day has neither promoted the agreed stories nor repaid the 1000 kroner, which is of great importance to the small business.

– It is our marketing that has been stopped. It’s some money that took a long time to save up. I think it’s awful, because it’s theft somehow.

– But did you not know that Tessie Skovly has previously been convicted of fraud and that there could be a risk of fraud by collaborating with her?

– Honestly, I did not know. Had I had knowledge of her past before our appointment, I would never have collaborated with her, concludes Zaen Bashir.

Ekstra Bladet has seen the correspondence between Zaen Bashir and Tessie Skovly and also documentation in the form of the contract between the two and the transfer of the money.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Tessie Skovly in relation to the accusations of fraud, but she has no comments on the case.

It is far from the first time that the TV celebrity is accused of fraud.

As Ekstra Bladet has previously written, six people sued her in court in 2019 for fraud. Here, Tessie Skovly cheated on a woman for some trousers worth 900 kroner.

In 2020, Ekstra Bladet was able to report that the former ‘Ex on the beach’ participant was convicted of fraud. Among other things, she had sold designer bags, clothes and electronics to a total of 73 people, who, however, never received the goods. That gave Tessie Skovly three months unconditional imprisonment.

Today, a Facebook group has been set up called ‘STOP TESSIE / SKOVLY (swindler)’, which at the time of writing has 4000 members. Here the members share their near so positive experiences with the celebrity.

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