The final episode of last season’s The Kardashian Family aired last weekend but the dramas plaguing the family’s girls are far from over: a 35-year-old man walking around Kylie Jenner’s (glorious) home in Los Angeles demanding her love (foreign sources say) ) Refused to vacate the place and was arrested by the local police

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Like her older sisters, the life of Kylie Jenner (23) is conducted under the invasive lens of E !. As we were asked to believe and we still refuse, this past weekend the last and final episode of the world’s favorite reality show aired but luckily, dramas always continue to haunt the girls of the family.

According to reports on foreign sites, in the last day a 35-year-old man was arrested outside Jenner’s prestigious estate. “The security guards know the guy who walks around her house all the time,” a police source told TMZ, adding: “They know that if they ask him to evacuate – he will evacuate.”

But this time, they say, he refused to leave the place. “He stepped on his feet and demanded to meet Kylie – he was not ready to hear anything else from the security people and started raging.” Of course the skilled staff in charge of securing the billionaire’s home did not let that happen – and delayed it until police forces reached the prestigious property.

Kylie Jenner (Photo: kyliejenner, instagram)
Kylie Jenner | Photo: kyliejenner, instagram

Kylie, in case you were wondering, was not at home at the time at all and is close to her numbers that she attended a fan meeting and was updated on in all the details only later. The detained guy was released to his home after being questioned under warning.

Kylie melted (Photo: @kyliejenner, instagram)
Photo: @kyliejenner, instagram

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