Justin Bieber reveals: “After the wedding I collapsed”
In 2019 Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber became husband and wife. Since then Justin has gone through quite a few mental upheavals which he has honestly talked about, and now he is revealing the sensitive days that came right after the giant wedding. “I expected marriage to fix things – and they don’t”
Photo: From the justinbieber Instagram page

Justin Bieber tends to speak very honestly about the mental processes he has gone through in recent years, and about his dealings with anxiety, depression, and mental crises. More than once he also told of his special relationship with that of his partner, Hailey Baldwin, who helped him get through some of the difficult times in his life. Now, in an honest and more exposed interview than ever, Bieber talked about the expectations he had of his partner – and the rift that came when he realized they were unrealistic.

Bieber talked to Avro Darden about the complex periods he went through. “It’s a journey,” he said. “I remember not long after I got married I went through an emotional breakdown. I thought marriage would fix all my problems, and they didn’t. Suddenly I got some reflection, of one, ‘You’re a little hypocritical, man. You want your wife to do things you do not do.’ It’s hard to look in the mirror and understand that you are not the person you thought you were, and that is simply a result of traumas and life circumstances. ”

Justin also talked about the spiritual process he has gone through in recent years, and said that religion has helped him get through the complex periods in his life. “I was very open about my spiritual journey, and about how my relationship with Jesus helped me not to be difficult with myself,” he said. “The idea of ​​being forgiven and that I go through this journey day after day just made me want to get better, and not be hard on myself. In the end, that’s what will encourage people in the world. Life is sometimes discouraging, and there are beatings that are so strong that “Understand that God is not angry, but loving and compassionate. He just wants us to be the best version of ourselves, and that perspective has really changed everything for me.”

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