Kim Kardashian’s coach is responding to weight loss
Last week Kim Kardashian captured the red carpet in an original Marilyn Monroe dress. In one of the interviews on the carpet, Kim revealed that she lost 7 kg of her weight in order to get into the dress, and after the network expressed concern for her safety – now her personal trainer is responding
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Kim Kardashian captured the red carpet of the Matt Gala prom last week when she arrived at the event in an original Marilyn Monroe dress. Kim managed to upset the network when she revealed that in order to get into the dress she lost 7 kilograms of her weight, and after quite a bit of rage directed at her, now her trainer stands up for her defense – and reveals all the secrets.

As you may recall, in an interview on the red carpet, Kim revealed that for three weeks she did everything to lose 7kg, including complete removal of carbs from the menu and intense daily training. “I wore a sweat suit twice a day, ran on the treadmill and completely stopped eating carbs and sugars,” she said. “I only ate vegetables and protein. I did not starve myself, but I was rigid.” After the network was outraged at the issue, Kim’s personal trainer, who answers to the name Don Ah-Matrix, explains how she did it.

“She works really hard,” he said in an interview with TMZ. “I was with her the whole process, she did not starve herself. She is on a very balanced diet but she does not eat much anyway, and at the same time she also works hard at the institute. Chloe, Kim’s sister, exercises sometimes twice a day. You can lose weight fast and healthy. “. We would not recommend.

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