Former top model Ninja Sarasalo is now a wellness entrepreneur who cooks in a sampled Steiner school

Ninja Sarasalo answer the phone from the bus stop. The working day at Sammatin Free Village School has ended a moment earlier, and Sarasalo is currently waiting for a bus service to his home in Fiskars.

She works in the school kitchen as a cook. This is the first permanent day job in Sarasalo’s life.

“I’ve enjoyed the dune a lot,” he says.

“Although at first a little intimidating after having lived such a different life in the past, deciding what to do and when to do it. I have been such a free soul all my life. ”

To the world Sarasalo was already flying as a teenage girl. She signed her first model contract at the age of 14, moved to Paris a year later, and soon rose to become a world-famous fashion designer. Jean-Paul Gaultierin “Number one”.

For a few years, the fashion world seemed to be on its knees in front of an exotic-looking Finnish model. Sarasalo was seen as the forefront of major advertising campaigns, and his face adorned the covers of international fashion magazines.

It was the life of a true world star. Music Television interviewed. On the street, people stopped. There was a fire. In addition to Paris, people came to live in at least New York, Japan, Italy, and Spain. This is how Sarasalo recalls.

“It was a great time,” he says.

“But that world has also left Muhu with a lot of wounds. I was just a child, and I also met some pretty shocking assholes. There are still far too young girls in the fashion world who do not have enough life experience or judgment. No one will protect them. ”

“When I think about it now as a mother, it was a pretty wild decision for Muts to let me go there. I wouldn’t let my own son into the world alone. On the other hand, he has not grown up in Kannelmäki like I did. I wasn’t a blue-eyed little drop. ”

Sarasalo sanoo, that he could have gone even further in his model career if he had only survived the industry any longer. In the early years of the millennium, however, she says she is tired of the superficiality and perpetual weight loss of the fashion world.

“I’ve always been a perso for pleasures,” he admits.

After leaving the Catwalks, Sarasalo decided to realize his childhood dream and start as a recording artist. The start was overwhelming again: the first single released in 2006 Fashion rose to number one on the Finnish singles chart, and soon top spots were also knocked in Sweden.

That’s how it should go, Sarasalo thought. Already as a little girl, she had pretended to be a real pop star one day, next Madonna.

But she didn’t eventually become the new queen of pop – a chameleon-like serial entrepreneur, though.

For the past ten years, Sarasalo has worked as a performance artist, plus model and berry trader, spoke in favor of body positivity, founded a vegetarian food company and began studying as a yoga teacher.

Not everyone is founded his desire to experiment.

Sarasalo says that he has heard comments along the lines that he imagines that he is jumping from one sector to another. There should reportedly be more humility and inherent talent.

“That’s really bad,” Sarasalo says.

“But my life mission has been kind of breaking those boxes. Black feels that today’s youth have already gotten rid of such narrow perceptions and are able to realize themselves much more freely than my own generation. However, we are all multi-talented people. ”

The pace is still not fading. Sarasalo says he is making new music again. Returning single Hot cougar will appear later in the summer. There are also known gigs.

Sweden is also to be conquered. This time as a plus. And Sarasalo is involved in a few film projects. But we can’t tell you more about them.

And that’s not all.

A few weeks ago, Sarasalo and his friend launched the Villisti Venus wellness company. It offers a variety of wellness packages for women. The list includes herbal baths and talk about sexuality as a resource for life.

Sarasalo would like every woman to be able to find “strength and magnificence” in herself.

“Black feels like a lot of people are pretty fucked up these days. This world is so hectic, hard and looks-oriented. ”

Ninja Sarasalo

  • Born in Helsinki in 1982. Lives in Fiskars.

  • Former international top model. He has also had a career as a singer.

  • He currently works as a cooker at a steiner school with more than 100 students in Sammat, Lohja.

  • The family consists of two sons.

  • Turns 40 years old on Sunday, May 8th.

Correction 8.5. at 15.46: Sammati Steiner School has more than a hundred students, not 80, as previously stated in the fact box of the article.

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