– The writer Daniele Del Giudice died last night. He was 72 and had been ill for some time. Next Saturday he should have received the Campiello Lifetime Achievement Award in Venice.

Daniele Del Giudice was born in Rome in 1949. He had worked in the editorial office of “Paese sera” and had lived in Venice for many years, where his illness had prevented him from continuing his business.

He published “The Wimbledon Stadium” (1983), “Western Atlas” (1985), “In the Reims Museum” (1988), “Removing the Shadow from the Ground” (1994), “Mania” (1997 collection), “I.Tigi. Canto per Ustica” (text of a show written with Marco Paolini, 2001 and 2009), “Orizzonte mobile” (2009). Recently his writings have been collected in two volumes: “In questo luce” (2013) and “I racconti” (2016).

Among his literary essays, the introduction to the complete works of Primo Levi (1997 and 2016). In 2002 he was awarded the Feltrinelli – Accademia dei Lincei prize for the whole of the narrative work.

All of his books have been published by Einaudi.

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