Matilde Kimer has recently undergone surgery for thyroid cancer
Matilde Kimer has recently had surgery for cancer. Photo: Photo: Bjarne Bergius Hermansen / DR

The well-known DR correspondent Matilde Kimer, who is currently DR’s correspondent in Ukraine, from which she covers the war against Russia, recently got a big shock.

After struggling with swallowing difficulties, which began at the beginning of the year, she one day discovered a lump on her neck when she saw herself in the mirror.

She tells Ud & Se.

After discovering the lump, she paid a visit to a Russian doctor. The doctor found two cysts, which were emptied of blood and inflammation, and at the same time a tissue sample was taken.

The tissue sample later showed that it was cancer and that Kimer had a tumor in his throat.

In this connection, Kimer tells Ud & Se that she quickly experienced that the Russian hospital system is very different from the Danish one. She thus received the discouraging reply by mail.

– I received an email with a pdf file while sitting in Kharkiv (…). So I just had to have a really strong espresso, she says about the way she received the sad news.

During a subsequent visit to Denmark, the well-known correspondent had half of his thyroid removed. Later studies have shown that the cancer has not spread, and therefore she is back on track and back in Ukraine, from where she covers the war.

Ekstra Bladet has been in contact with Matilde Kimer, who says that today she is at the top again and that she is doing excellently. Therefore, she also does not want to talk more about her cancer course.

Kimer is one of DR's profiled correspondents, who lives in Russia on a daily basis. Photo: Linda Johansen
Kimer is one of DR’s profiled correspondents, who lives in Russia on a daily basis. Photo: Linda Johansen

Affected by cancer before
Unfortunately, 41-year-old Matilde Kimer has had cancer in her life before.

As a mere 14-year-old when she was in eighth grade, she was stricken with lymphoma and the treatment was very harsh on her body.

– The treatment in the 90s was probably a slightly different type than it is today. It was like some blocks in two weeks, where I both had something injected into my body and I had to eat pills. I just felt so bad after ten treatments, she said recently in the DR program ‘Stine’s Sunday’ according to See and Hear.

– It was not just a matter of having nausea and being debilitated. I just had such a feeling that I was heading towards the end. I got such an instinct. That if I were to die, I would die of the disease and not of the treatment, says Matilde, who is allowed to skip the last chemo treatments and go directly to radiation, she continued.

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