Finland: Why does a well-known toy manufacturer show a small image of itself on television?

In Finland, the TV show Lego Masters is constructed from blocks until an all-knowing and nagging judge arrives. What a marvel, says reporter Veli-Pekka Lehtonen.

Check out the most recent Lego news. The toddler escaped the war in Ukraine, but dear Legos were unable to make the journey. The effort, which began with a Facebook post by the father, resulted in the toddler receiving stacks of blocks at an Irish lodging. As a fortune teller, Lego.

Consider this: Attila, a floor cleaner, has spent his entire life building with Legos. He grew enthused about exhibiting the Lego city he had made in an exhibition in Malmitalo this spring. Lego as a pastime.

For example, after Russia invaded, Citizen Brick began producing unofficial “Ukrainian legos.” Molotov cocktails were invented, and Zelenskyi was born. The money went to Ukraine. As a policy, Legot.

Legon is a brand that practically everyone is familiar with. It frequently appears to be pleasant. As a result, it’s reasonable to believe that the Lego Masters Finland TV will promote the brand’s lighthearted image. After all, the plastic blocks’ name means “play well,” which means “wish you get well” in Danish.

But nothing happened.

As a family show, a TV show in which two-person teams create the most magnificent structures out of Legos is shockingly busy.

The participants are, of course, skilled and personable, and the host, Jaakko Saariluoma, is a gold medalist, but the camera’s construction is unable to transmit. The worst has happened.

KepeƤn and a serious combo of television success is uncommon. Dancing with the Stars’ Jukka Haapalainen is an example of a good TV judge who combines expertise and vision with encouragement and presence. A true teacher.

Program with Legos Esa Nousiainen is appraised by the artist’s nightmare, which arrives at the work with slogans, always telling how the work should have been constructed in his opinion at the conclusion.


The Lego Masters Finland competition event, which followed the worldwide format, was presented by Jaakko Saariluoma (left) and judged by Esa Nousiainen. MTV3 (photo)

Ascendant is a Legon representative in the program. Why would a toy company want to function as a tailor in his name? It’s all about legos, though. Judge Nousiainen’s message is that the Legos are still ours, not yours.

Lego Masters Finland is an unintentional lesson in artistic freedom. The program demonstrates how the engineer always follows the orders and how the soldier completes the assignment. It’s done differently by the artist. The artist sees and interprets things. Do whatever you can.

The artist is free to do whatever he wants.

MTV service Thu 12.5. at 0.01 and MTV3 at 8 p.m., Lego Masters Finland final

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