Kenya West admitted to betraying Beck

Last January, Kim Kardashian and Kenya West rocked the entertainment world – and officially began their divorce proceedings. The two separated after quite a few crises that erupted throughout their six years of marriage, which eventually led to a split. Today the two are raising their four children in co.parenting, and while the official reasons for the breakup are still in considerable question – fans from all over the world are sure he has admitted infidelity.


Kenya released his tenth album, “Donda” earlier this week, and many believe that in the lyrics to the song “Hurricane” he admitted to betraying Beck. “The song is Kenya’s testimony to everything he did wrong in their relationship,” a source close to the star told Page Six magazine. “Kenya takes responsibility for the breakup of their marriage. A deeper look at the words shows that Kenya is talking about his infidelity in a relationship with Kim, even after they had two children.”

Throughout the song Kenya sings about the apparent reason for the breakup, admitting that he betrayed Beck while they were parents to two. “Here I’m acting like I’m too rich, here I am with a new girl. I know what your truth is, still playing after two kids. It’s a lot to digest when your life is always moving.” An acquaintance of Kenya confirmed to Page Six that the “new girl” is not Irina Shake, with whom Kenya has been dating for the past two months.

Many believe that in the song Kenya he talks about not returning to his and Kim’s millionaire estate, as well as about his dealing with alcohol addiction. “A house for $ 60 million, I never went back to it. A genius who became a Clueless, that’s a lot to risk. Alcoholics Anonymous, who is the busiest loser?”

Kim Kardashian and Kenya West | Photo: instagram

Despite Kenya’s complex confession, people close to the two make it clear that the infidelity was not the one that led to the breakup of Kim and Kenya’s marriage. As is known, the two brought up two more children after the alleged infidelity, and before they officially ended their relationship.

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