So rich are the Danish top models
Interferes on international list – In recent years, the Danish stars have really managed to make a name for themselves abroad, and this can be seen in their bank books

Nina Agdal is one of the many Danes who bite the bullet with the international stars when it comes to fame and not least earnings. Photo: Getty Images

Actors, musicians and models – it is no longer a rarity to find Danes among the world’s most successful and richest entertainers, but how much are they now good for. Get the answer here…

In the USA, it has long been possible to follow how swell the fortunes of celebrities are via popular websites such as Celebrity Net Worth

For many years there were few Danes on the list, but in recent years the number of Danes with professional and not least financial success abroad has grown with names such as Lukas Graham, Nina Agdal and Nikolaj Coster Waldau have reached beyond the kingdom borders.

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