Brad’s move against Angelina

Five years have passed since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began their complicated divorce proceedings, and apparently no one expected it to become the most reviewed legal proceeding in the Hollywood swamp. After quite a few victories on Angelina’s side, in recent weeks Brad has managed to regain the advantage, and now he is planning his next sharp steps.

As you may recall, last August Angelina launched a new fight when she filed a motion to disqualify the private judge who heard her case, due to an alleged conflict of interest with Brad’s lawyers. Angelina claimed that the judge did not close the business and personal ties he had with Brad’s lawyers, and asked to be replaced – a few weeks before the trial began. Angelina’s request was rejected outright, and now the star is asking the court to reconsider the court’s decision in the custody agreement set for his five minor children.

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According to People Magazine, Brad’s lawyers filed a motion with the Los Angeles court to reconsider the detention agreement, following the disqualification of the private judge from the hearings in their case. , And it opens the door to disqualification challenges at any stage during the work on the case. The disqualification raises serious questions about the interim judicial system, and especially whether it is a cost.effective option in the very flawed judicial system in California, “the petition said.

As you may recall, Brad and Angelina’s divorce proceedings began in 2016, after about 11 years of marriage. The surprise breakup came after a famous family flight, during which it was alleged that Brad intended to attack their eldest son – Maddox (then 15), but Angelina jumped up and separated their sons – thus preventing the attack. Since then Angelina has been trying to prevent Brad from the joint custody he is fighting for.

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