Following the salmonella at Tnuva: Recall for infected products marketed to factories

The Ministry of Health announced over the weekend that as part of the investigation into the contamination at the Strauss plant, suspicion arose of contamination in Tnuva’s milk powder production line. Following the suspicion, the production line was tested – and a positive test for salmonella was found.

It is important to clarify that this is a product that is not marketed to the general public, but to factories and institutions that continue to process the product. Tests of final products that used milk powder as a raw material have so far come out normal and free of contamination. There is currently evidence of contamination in one batch produced on 9/8/21. A statement from the ministry said that “the Ministry of Health performed dozens of tests in various laboratories to verify the extent of the contamination. It should be noted that the latest environmental tests at the Tnuva plant were found to be normal.

“The Ministry of Health instructed Tnuva to carry out an initiated return of milk powders from 9/8/21 to 25/8/21. On these dates, the powders were marketed only to factories, without marketing to institutions. In addition, the Ministry of Health instructed the institutions that receive milk powder not to use the product, as a safety factor until the end of the investigation. The Ministry of Health continues to investigate and investigate the incident, and will update the public on the findings.

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