` – The investigation into the Mottarone cable car disaster, which cost the lives of 14 people, enters its fourth week: this morning the Public Prosecutor’s Office is scheduled to start the “non.deferrable technical assessments” ordered by the prosecutor: the Prosecutor Olimpia Bossi intends to proceed with the extraction of the memory of the cell phones of the suspects and of the computers seized at the headquarters of the management company, the Ferrovie del Mottarone srl, headed by Luigi Nerini.

The operation is that of the acquisition of the so.called “copia forense” o bit stream image: it is a bit.for.bit copy of the digital data on a storage device.

A forensic copy differs from a copy normally made by the user because it allows to copy also the data of the deleted space, the dates of the files are preserved and you have an intact and complete copy, an exact cloning.

The power of attorney aims, with the analysis of the information contained in telephones and PCs, of acquire further elements that help to strengthen and possibly broaden the accusatory picture.

At the start of the investigation procedure this morning all the parties, the three suspects and the injured parties have been summoned: all have the right to appoint their own experts who will participate in the assessment together with the consultants appointed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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