Suffering from dry mouth? This may indicate 5 serious and life-threatening illnesses

Poor oral health can cause serious problems elsewhere in the body, and on the other hand dry mouth can be a sign of other diseases. It is true that sometimes dryness in the oral cavity is just a transient situation or caused by momentary causes, but sometimes persistent dryness is a justifiable enough reason to examine what causes it, and whether it is dangerous.

Dr Azad Aeromelo, a dental specialist from the UK, explained that our bodies are incredibly complicated and that different parts are intertwined, although we do not always understand this. “Dry mouth can indicate problems elsewhere. It can manifest itself in symptoms such as a feeling of stickiness in the mouth, dryness, sore throat, difficulty chewing or swallowing or even bad breath, “he explained.

According to him, these symptoms can be related to simple situations like snoring, smoking or alcohol consumption, but sometimes they indicate something much more serious. Some of the diseases that also affect oral health are diabetes, stroke, HIV, Alzheimer’s and Sjogren’s syndrome.

“When you visit the dentist, we do not only care about the health of your mouth. We are trained to identify how broader problems are. It is essential to keep a close eye on health and if you notice persistent symptoms of dry mouth you should check with your family doctor,” explained Dr. Aeromelo.

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