How often can a person become infected with corona?
The virus that does not show signs of disappearance, variants that adapt to changes and defenses of the body, and waves of infections: this is how reality will look next to the cobweb-19. That is, already now there are those who fell ill with Omicron and contracted once again with new versions of the variant – BA.2 or BA2.12.1 in the US or BA.4 or BA.5 in South Africa.These people may also get sick for the third and fourth time, even within a year, according to the researchers. A small percentage may also experience symptoms of the disease for months or years, as is known about long coboid. “It looks like it’s going to last a while longer,” said Juliette Polyam, an epidemiologist at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. “The virus continues to develop, and there are many more people who may be infected more times throughout their lives.”

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“Most people get infected several times a year”

“It is difficult to diagnose and quantify over time how many times people will be infected, mainly because there are also many who did not report that they were infected,” Dr. Polyam describes. The experts. Unlike previous variants, the omicron evolved and developed great immunity. It leaves even those who have been sick more than once in the past – exposed and not immune to infection once again. ”

“If we know how to manage it the way we do now, most people will get it at least a few times a year,” said Christine Anderson, a virologist at a research institute in San Diego. “Most people who have received 3 or even just 2 doses of vaccine will not start so long that they will need medical treatment if they become infected. The booster dose probably also lowers the degree of infection, but not by much.”

At the beginning of the plague the experts predicted that as with the flu, there would be a large infection once a year in the corona, most likely in the fall. The way to treat it and reduce exposure to the disease would be through the vaccine before it arrives. If re-infection becomes the norm, the corona will not be a “once-a-year-of-a-year winter disease,” but much more.

Omicron protects against serious illness

“It’s a surprise,” says Alex Siegel, a virologist at the African Institute of Health Research. “I thought we would need a new variant to escape the omicron, but in fact it seems unnecessary.” Infection with Omicron creates a weakness in the immune system response and although the new versions of it are very similar, the one that is infected once – is not enough to get rid of the rest. If infected with one version of it, the body may be attacked and exposed to the same disease many times, in just a few months.

And there is still good news – it seems that most people who have already contracted the new versions of Omicron will not develop a serious illness.

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