Israel | Violent incident at the hospital: The Medical Association has declared a strike

The Medical Association announced tonight (Tuesday) a 24-hour strike this coming Thursday, in protest of the violent incident that took place last night at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. The strike will include all public hospitals and community clinics. The doctors will work during the strike day on a Saturday basis.

Among the steps required by the Histadrut were placing police points in each emergency room, increasing the security system in hospitals and community clinics, assimilating assistive technologies and changing legislation – so that attacking a medical staff member would not be different from attacking a uniformed police officer.

The chairman of the Medical Association, Prof. Zion Hagai, said: “We have long announced that we will no longer accept incidents of violence in the health system, which have unfortunately become a real epidemic. The lives of the doctors must not be abandoned, and the preparatory strike is only a warning signal. “As long as the Israeli government does not immediately take the necessary steps to increase the personal security of the medical staff, we will not hesitate to tighten the steps.”

The interns’ organization of the Medical Federation expressed satisfaction with the decision to launch a strike and clarified that it is forbidden to move to the agenda against the background of incidents of violence, which are often directed at interns and interns during shifts. “We demand that the government increase the punishment against those who attack a medical staff member, and we are convinced that the Israeli public will support any such step that will eradicate this ugly phenomenon,” it said.

Incident of violence at Hadassah Hospital (Photo: Hadassah Spokeswoman)

As mentioned, last night: Family members of a patient who died at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus attacked members of the medical staff. Preliminary interrogation shows that the family members, residents of East Jerusalem, arrived at the scene and began to riot and attack the staff members. One of the family members, in his twenties, was arrested and taken for questioning at an entire station. Police said the investigation is ongoing and that further arrests of those involved who fled the scene are expected.

Hospital Director, Tamar ElramTold 103FM earlier today about the incident: “Last night we had a patient who arrived in critical condition a few hours earlier. .

“Our attempt to try to understand such people is in my opinion the mistake, it does not work in the same logic. There are those who lose patience because they sometimes wait too long. Here it is not clear to me that throughout the day they knew what the situation was, the staff updated the family. “It is critical and that he will probably not get out of it. We will call it self-harm for that matter, one of the various permits. There is no nationalist interest here in the specific context, because a significant part of our staff members are from the Arab sector,” she added.

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