This way you will protect yourself from infection during the holidays

We have not yet had time to say “pen”, and here is a new year on the doorstep. On the one hand, there seems to be some inhibition in the rate of morbidity and the coefficient of infection decreases. On the other hand, the daily verified percentage is still very high and the end still seems very far away. The threat of closure has been removed for the time being, but ahead of the holidays it is important to be even more careful at family gatherings and social events so that we can get through the period with minimal damage.


Prof. Cyril Cohen, head of the Immunotherapy Laboratory at Bar Ilan University and a member of the Advisory Committee for Clinical Trials on Corona Vaccines, notes that in the same period last year the verified graph showed an average of 4,000 patients per day, compared to this year we have double numbers per day. And yet, over two million Israelis have already received the third dose of the vaccine, which significantly reduces the chance of this population developing a serious disease.

“It should still be remembered that people who have been vaccinated only twice at the beginning of the vaccination campaign are less protected. This is due to the attenuation of the vaccine effect over time. In addition, they can be infected as well as infected. “One hundred percent. Accordingly, it is important to be extra careful and adhere to a number of rules that will help reduce the chance of infection,” says Prof. Cohen and specifies. Cut and save.

Maintain hand hygiene

It’s no big secret that personal hygiene helps reduce our chances of contracting various diseases, including the corona virus. When it comes to a holiday meal, it is sometimes difficult to wash your hands immediately before eating, especially if the meal includes some uncles who insist on shaking hands in the traditional way.

Well, Prof. Cohen’s recommendation is to simply place a number of bottles of alcohol available on the table or at the entrance to the guest room. Simple, easy and conducive to maintaining everyone’s health.

Keep as much distance as possible

While it’s hard to keep your distance during a holiday meal, there are a few things you can do anyway: If your table opens to a longer size, you can take the opportunity to space between diners. If not, try using multiple tables to reduce density. You should also skip the hugs and kisses phase. Between us, sometimes it’s a good excuse to dodge this little Polish custom.

Get tested before the family reunion

Since on holidays there is a tendency for a larger gathering, it is important to maintain as safe an environment as possible, especially if the holiday meal involves adults or children who have not yet been vaccinated. Rapid antigen tests are available for you both in the various centers, and in pharmacies. Perform them near the meeting and you will be more relaxed during the meal.

Pray with a mask

If you usually go to synagogue, it is important that you follow the instructions and wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth while staying in a closed space. Prof. Cohen reiterates that corona is a respiratory virus that penetrates through the nose and therefore it is very important to ensure proper wearing. Of course, if you have the option, it is always better to pray outside.

And here is another suggestion, and admit that it is particularly original: for those who blow the shofar, Prof. Cohen suggests attaching a mask to the shofar itself, in order to reduce the possibility of tiny drops (aerosols) that can pass through it towards the worshipers. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it aint for me either.

Pleasant weather is expected | Photo: Dor Sharon

Have the meal outside

Do you have a balcony in the house or a garden? Why not have the holiday meal there? The weather is expected to be more pleasant in the evenings, and such conduct will reduce the chance of transmitting various viruses.

Hosted fewer guests

Who said you have to invite 20 guests for the holiday? You should decide in advance whether to host friends or family and in any case, it is advisable to reduce the number of guests. It is always possible to decide that the next holiday meal will be celebrated with the rest.

Along with all the recommendations, Prof. Cohen wants to convey an optimistic message to conclude: “I think that despite the fear and despite the high number of verified, we can take comfort in the positive aspects, and there are quite a few: “And nursing, and hospitals provide dedicated care for the critically ill. Beyond that, the vaccines are accessible and many have already been vaccinated for the third time. Therefore, along with the personal responsibility that each of us has to prevent the disease, we must also remember to rejoice and remain optimistic.”

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