The inauguration of the Knesset last night provided us with some of the images, and the voices, the hardest we have witnessed recently, but one image perhaps showed most of all the magnitude of the drama that took place, both politically and personally-

Emily Moati, a Member of the Knesset for the Labor Party, was documented voting lying down – something that has never been seen in the Israeli Knesset- She came to the plenum straight from the hospital, where she is hospitalized after undergoing a lumbar puncture following which she developed a rare side effect that does not allow her to stand-

In a lumbar puncture test, which is performed under partial anesthesia and must not move during it at all, a needle is inserted between the vertebrae of the spine in order to obtain samples of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)- The test is very important in diagnosing neurological diseases, some of which are fatal if not treated in time- Sometimes during the test a drain is inserted for about 72 hours into the stabbing area, in order to drain the CSF and thus prevent its leakage-

One of the possible side effects of this test is spinal leakage- In addition, there is a side effect of severe standing headaches due to the decrease in the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid- The headache occurs when the height of the head while sitting or standing stretches the basic brain membranes that are sensitive to pain- Headaches are severe and are often accompanied by neck pain, back pain and vomiting- The headache is relieved only by lying completely flat-

By the way, Moati is not the first Knesset member summoned from the hospital to participate in an important vote in the Knesset- In 2004, MK Eli Aflalo was called from a hospital in a wheelchair after undergoing head surgery to participate in a vote on first reading on the disengagement plan- He arrived at the Knesset in a wheelchair wearing a hat that hid the bandages on his head-

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