Israel | “The decision will harm the health of the children”: a demand to stop the dismissal of Bedouin mediators

Attorneys Hanan Alsane and Osnat Ziv, of the Itach-Maaki – Lawyers for Social Justice Association, wrote an urgent letter to Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, requesting an immediate halt to the dismissal of Bedouin mediators employed at 26 milk drop stations in the southern district, due to fears of serious harm to women And children from Bedouin society.

The appeal comes against the background of dozens of applications from mediators, who applied to the Bedouin Women’s Rights Center, which has been run by the Itach-Maaki organization for 15 years, after receiving summons letters for a hearing towards the end of their employment. The initiative for the mediation project was born with the intention of reducing infant mortality among the Bedouin population in the Southern District, by mediating and raising women’s awareness of family health and their own health, in order to ensure community health and increase life expectancy.

As a result, each clinic in the district employed an Arabic and Hebrew-speaking mediator, who was responsible for mediating the messages between the parents and the medical staff and working to raise women’s awareness of family health and their own health. Alsane and Ziv note that “factually, it is known that since the mediators joined the milk drops there has been a decrease in the mortality rate among infants and birth defects have decreased.”

According to them, the decision to stop the work of mediators will directly harm the level of health of the children and infants in this population, and will even harm the ability of pregnant women to receive important and vital information for their pregnancies.

They add that “alongside the importance of the project in the field of health and its focus on saving lives and education for a healthy lifestyle, the project should be seen as an opportunity for Bedouin women to integrate into the labor market and provide for their families with dignity. Which will ensure their continued employment. ”

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