Professor Eldad Zilberstein, director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Soroka Hospital, said today (Sunday) in an interview here on Network B at length about the rare surgery performed at the hospital, in which twins that were connected at the back of his back were separated.

“There is every reason and desire to do it as early as possible so that they can develop properly, raise their head and crawl to stand to walk, etc., but there are other things that are holding us back,” Zilberstein said referring to the date of the surgery.

He added that since their birth in August last year, the twins “have been at home. They were unable to crawl because they were lying down. For a single baby it is difficult to learn how to crawl, so imagine two babies having to coordinate this between them. Not that their brains could not do it. If they were separated, the physical conditions would not allow them. “

He also talked about the challenges of this type of surgery, which is “common to many disciplines. It starts with anesthesia – how to put two babies to sleep, how each anesthetic affects the second baby, continues with the preliminary planning – tissue expansion and three.dimensional closure planning and of course, my colleagues Neurosurgery separates the parts of the brain without damaging them.

The twins attached to their heads (Photo: Soroka Hospital spokeswoman)

Zilberstein clarified that there may be risks to infant development: “First of all there is a stage of initial recovery from major surgery, head surgery, and then of course they will have to fill in gaps – if before they could not sit or stand, now they will have to update all kinds of baby activities is doing”.

“Each of them has an almost complete skull,” he stressed. “They don’t have enough bone, but we know it from other congenital malformations that the bone name will also grow there.“

“We think and appreciate that they have two whole minds, but again, there is an understandable developmental delay, even if we take a healthy person and put him in one position there will be a delay, hopefully they will complete it,” Zilberstein noted at the end of his remarks.

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