Monkeypox panic: These are the people who need to go get tested

The Ministry of Health published tonight (Thursday) a reference to the monkey pox disease, which has begun to spread in several countries. The ministry said in a statement that “monkey pox is a viral disease that can be transmitted from rodents and monkeys as well as from close contact between humans. The disease is manifested by fever, blistering rash and enlargement of lymph nodes.”

We further noted that in recent days about 50 cases of illness have been reported in a number of countries and that additional cases are currently under investigation. “The Ministry of Health monitors the information and is in contact with the health authorities in the various countries. No case of a person has been reported in Israel so far,” they emphasized.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health has issued instructions to the medical staff to raise awareness of the disease, along with a call for people who have developed a fever and a blister rash after returning from abroad – to contact the attending physician.

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