The father of the twins who were separated in the rare operation: “I was scared but now I’m kicking ass”

A rare operation to separate twins attached to their heads was performed last Thursday at Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva. The twins, one year old, were born in the hospital in August last year, with their heads attached at the back of it. The twins’ father told “News 12” tonight (Sunday) about the fears and anxieties that were replaced by a feeling of joy and relief at the end of the operation, which passed successfully.

“I’m kicking. I was scared but now we’m kicking,” the father said, adding: “Everything is fine, they have nothing.” On the uncertainty before the surgery he said “we kept thinking how it would turn out, because a lot was connected, not a little bit”. Finally, he thanked the staff of the hospital who had confidence in the rare operation: “Thank you very much from my heart.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Mickey Gidon, one of the doctors who participated in the surgery, told of the complicated procedure: “We defined it as a military operation for everything. Such an analysis needs perfect coordination between the teams. Every moment must be in perfect coordination. Last year I wrote an operation order for connected twins. We met with their parents and they trusted us. In addition, we received the trust of the management of the medical center. I chose the team to go to war with and I chose excellent. I also had an outside team of consultants from the United States that I consulted with. ”

Dr. Gidon added, “We have not spared anything, neither consultants, nor technologies, nor time, nor resources. We did dozens of rehearsals and simulations this year. We planned the separation of the cerebral blood vessels, some of which are common and some of which are not, the entire road map. We used the imaging system at Soroka, everyone stood on their feet for us. When we had to do an MRI and catheterization, all the people helped us to do the right thing. Everything was available at all times. hard in training easy in battle. It is a once-in-a-lifetime challenging experience, “he concluded.

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