Israel: The Histadrut and the Ministry of Finance have signed a new collective agreement for radiologists

The Histadrut and the Ministry of Finance today (Sunday) signed a new collective agreement for medical imaging (X-ray). The fruits of the new agreement will benefit close to 1,100 employees, with a differential increase in the base salary at the center of the agreement, with an emphasis on encouraging the lower ranks.

The employees who will benefit from the agreement are the workers in government and municipal hospitals, in the hospitals and clinics of Clalit and Hadassah in Jerusalem. The agreement was signed in the presence of Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David, the treasurer in charge of wages, Kobi Bar-Natan, and the chairman of the Imaging and X-ray Workers’ Union, Arie Hershkovitz.

The purpose of the differential wage increase is to encourage new employees to join the important medical system, which suffers from a shortage of manpower. Emphasis is placed on improving the salaries of those with lower ranks, as part of a broader move to regulate and upgrade the profession, which is a necessary and integral part of the health care system.

Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David“This is not an agreement called a band-aid, but an in-depth correction in such a necessary profession. After all, everyone knows that without medical imaging workers it is impossible to enter surgery or undergo medical follow-up. “It is an important condition in establishing this position as more professional, more serious, and more lucrative. I will not allow employees who are an integral part of the medical chain to be left behind, and for me this is a first step on the way to a massive upgrade in the field.

Chairman of the Imaging and X-ray Workers’ Union Arie Hershkovitz: “My union members and I came to make a change, and this agreement is the way to go. This is a profession that has suffered from neglect and the average age of its employees is close to 50. In order to shed new blood, we are working to change employment frameworks that benefit employees. Agreed to give of themselves and make concessions to bring new people into the field. ”

“You meet us everywhere: in the emergency rooms, the operating rooms, the imaging rooms and the CT room – without us the health system cannot exist. We are the backbone of the medical system, and hence our place should be at the forefront. To prevent the high erosion, we will continue to work for further agreements. “Good luck with the workers. Thank you to the chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, for believing in the justice of the way, and good luck to all of us,” Hershkovitz added.

Participated in the negotiations to formulate the agreement: VP of Economics at the Histadrut Adam Blumenberg, Head of Collective Agreements at the Legal Bureau of the Lt. Col. Adv. Hila Gver, Senior Assistant to the Histadrut Chairman To the Histadrut Uri Fleischman, Chairman of the Clalit Prosper Ben-Hamo Workers ‘Committee, Organizing Director of the Imaging and X-ray Workers’ Union Batya Cohen and Heads of Imaging Divisions: Ravit Mendelson, Chairman of the Imaging Division at Government Hospitals, Betty Manos And Emmanuel encourages from the municipal hospitals.

On the part of the Ministry of Finance: Deputy Chief of Staff Efi Malkin, health referent Nadav Shuat, and Adv. Liat Tapiero from the legal process.

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