Our little daily habits will ultimately determine what our whole life will look like. They will determine how we will feel, what we will look like, and how much we will succeed or not. The life of a person who has a small but so significant habit, such as waking up early and going for a run, is completely different from waking up in a minute and running straight to work. In honor of the new year, what are the small and significant habits that will change your health this year and perhaps your whole life as well? Here are 24 ways to have a healthy life without much effort:

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  1. Get up half an hour earlier – If you wake up at 5 in the morning a little heavy on you, and you do not really connect to the 5th club that is gaining momentum around the world, just decide on a tiny habit that will free up more time in the day and set the clock to half an hour earlier. It is exactly this half hour that you excuse yourself that you do not have time to practice or finish your tasks at a reasonable time.
  2. Sports in the morning – Healthy exercise at any hour of the day, it strengthens the immune system and makes us feel and look our best, the main thing is that we find time to do it. But when you get used to doing it at the beginning of the day, you can go out for a whole day without another heavy burden sitting on us like a task we have not yet performed. In addition, people who do sports on the morning gain alertness and concentration, good mood and improved metabolism. Evening workouts can also cause sleep disturbances or difficulty falling asleep, so try to get used to finishing it in the first hours of the day so that God forbid you miss it.
  3. Drink water with lemon – Drinking water with lemon in the morning, it is this little habit that will help you remember to drink more water, strengthen the immune system thanks to vitamin C and also improve bowel activity. Clinical dietitian Shiri Nakash does recommend, but is reluctant. “Not everyone has this acidity on an empty stomach is good, there are people with acidity and a tendency to heartburn for which it may even be harmful,” so if you suffer from acidity or heartburn, give up the pleasure. In addition, in order to preserve the teeth, it is recommended to drink the water with the lemon with the help of a straw.
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  4. Think positive thoughts How many times have we been told to get used to thinking more positively or that a thought creates reality, until it already sounds like an annoying cliché to us? Studies have shown that negative thoughts shorten life and positive thoughts are beneficial to health, so why get upset? Shirley Ness Berlin recently wrote an entire book called ‘10 Minutes Roof ’, which offers 31 days to change thinking for the positive, realizing that starting to think positive is really not a simple matter after years of despair. It is recommended to start accustoming our mind to thinking good thoughts every day and practicing it so that the good is assimilated into our lives.
  5. Plan your day in advance – Imagine a day where you wake up in the morning and just flow with the day, compared to a day where you know exactly what is going to happen and when, who you will meet, when you will do sports and what you will eat. The planned day will surely be more efficient and effective, and of course – healthier. Plan your day every day, write down all your chores the morning or the night before, and see what change will come in handy for you.
  6. Get up every hour from the computer – You sit in front of the screen all day but comfort yourself with the fact that you practiced for an hour in the morning? Then you will know that it is not enough. Today we know that sedentary life is a dangerous disease, that most of us sin without choice because of multiple hours of work, study or because most of our occupation today comes down to a screen. We have a choice, get up every hour and move. Prolonged sitting can cause posture problems, muscle and joint pain to inflammation and disease. It weakens the body and increases the risk of metabolic diseases associated with obesity. Get used to getting up every hour at least and if you do not remember to do it, ask the mobile device to remind you.

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  7. Be less stuck with your head on screens – In general, try to reduce screen time, too many hours in front of the screens can hurt the eyes, cause headaches, joint pain and more. Try to disconnect from the mobile if you do not have to, and this way you will also be more free for the important things in life / like spending time with the family and moving more. Here is a small and significant habit: Have you been home from a full day out? Set the phone aside and try to keep the screens closed. Suddenly you will find that you have a lot more free time.
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  8. Start the day with a cold shower – Water has a calming effect, and when the water cools, the calm becomes temporary stress, but when the body gets used to it and realizes that there is no danger in the cold, a shower in cold water may actually calm and reduce stress and anxiety and even strengthen the immune system. So how do you do that without suffering? Start with warm water and only at the end of the shower transfer to the cold for 10 seconds to a minute and breathe. You should start the day like this, because cold showers have a very stimulating effect.
  9. Stop eating about 4 hours before bed Eating at night causes inflammation and premature aging, explains Dr. Sean Portal, a clinical nutritionist and exercise physiologist. Besides, eating close to sleep can impair sleep, then increased hunger the next day. Try to get used to finishing eating early and not going to bed on a full stomach.
  10. If possible adopt the 8/16 fast – Intermittent fasting has in recent years become one of the most prominent and rightly so. It causes the body to engage in healing and burning fat instead of digestion, and allows a long rest for the digestive system which usually works hard and tires us. The main problem is that many people end up eating too late at night and start eating too late. If you manage to finish 4 hours before bed, it is much better. And also: just because you have a big meal break doesn’t mean you can eat junk food, does it?
  11. Drink only water – The most important habit you can make this year, is to say goodbye to the sugary drinks that do not really give us anything but empty calories. Drink water. They are natural, calorie.free, and the healthiest for us. And remember, drinking too much water can be harmful and cause edema, so drink as much as possible and especially be sure to drink when you are thirsty.
  12. Bye Junk – Another habit worth adopting is parting from junk food. Today you can find a substitute for every desire, but it is important that you stop consuming fast food with the understanding that it harms our health. Fast food is not really nutritious, puts a strain on the digestive system and is a major cause of abdominal obesity, which is the most dangerous obesity.
  13. Eat more fruits and vegetables – So after we got rid of the junk, it’s time to put another habit you can do for your diet – add to your menu fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They cleanse the body, strengthen, nourish and give a lot of energy. Go for all the colors, all good and healthy, and for each fruit and color, its own health benefits.
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  14. Read inspirational books – What makes us persevere in a healthy lifestyle? High motivation and inspiration. Look for sources of inspiration that will help you persevere in a healthy lifestyle and make it an important habit for you to read a new book once a month that will boost your motivation for that month.
  15. Also invest in stretching – Many people decide to invest in running, or strength training and forget to lengthen the muscles. Do not give up yoga and Pilates classes, or any training aimed at flexing and lengthening. These exercises balance the body, calm the body and mind and help for good and healthy posture.
  16. Go to bed at a fixed time – This is a tiny habit and so significant. When we go to bed every night at a different time we may disrupt our sleep, sleep and our hormonal system. It is important to take care of quality sleep because it will affect the whole day. Good and quality sleep has a huge impact on our health.
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  17. Get more out of the sun In recent years, we have been intimidated by the sun’s rays and it can certainly be dangerous if we are exposed to it without limit, but daily targeted exposure may improve our health from end to end and strengthen the immune system, says Dr. Mark Sorenson, who has researched the link between exposure. The sun explains that people who stay indoors for long hours are more prone to disease mainly due to vitamin D deficiency. The vitamin.It is recommended to start the morning with a stay in the sun, which is beneficial for balancing the hormonal system.
  18. Stop counting calories – In a research book by Dr. T. Colin Campbell who did the most comprehensive nutrition research in history (China study, his name), the author points out that with an optimal and proper diet, you can eat a lot without counting calories and even lose weight, provided you eat the right foods. He adds that prolonged hunger can make the body feel something is wrong, and also slow down the body’s metabolism, so here’s another reason to stop dieting and change your perception of a healthy lifestyle. Full and low in fat, naturally consume fewer calories because these do not starve themselves.They also eat food with more volume than carnivores.So get used to freeing yourself from restrictive diets and moving on to a healthy lifestyle.
  19. Reduce animal protein – The protein is necessary for many processes in the human body, but in recent years we have become accustomed to consuming far too much of it. In the comprehensive “China Study” book, there is much talk about the link between the many cancers and the over.consumption of animal proteins. One of the risk factors for breast cancer is premature menstruation, due to the consumption of animal foods and refined carbohydrates, which also causes an increase in female hormones in the blood and an increase in cholesterol levels. Today you can get protein andB12 also from the plant so try to reduce with the animal products to the minimum possible.
  20. Chew the food well – Where are you rushing to? Many of us have become accustomed to swallowing food and not chewing it. When we swallow the food and do not chew it, the digestion and absorption of the food is not optimal. In addition, there is a risk of intestinal blockages, bleeding, constipation and other intestinal problems. Make it a new habit – to sit upright and chew the food well until it becomes a liquid mass, the ideal state of accumulation for your stomach.
  21. Reduce in salt – Many people know that sugar is a major cause of obesity, but what about salt? So it’s true that it does not contain calories, but salt creates an artificial appetite and makes us eat much more than we need. In addition, salt stores fluids and disrupts the digestive system. So get in the habit: just stop adding salt, keep it away from you and start discovering the true flavors of the food regardless of the salt shaker. Tip that helps: Use fresh herbs.
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  22. Count steps – Dr. Sean Portal, an Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Nutritionist, recommends taking at least 10,000 steps daily to maintain a healthy weight, another important habit that is worth putting into a hazelnut and persevering with it this year. Steps, or in the built.in health app on your mobile device.
  23. Switch to a glass / stainless steel bottle – New studies have found plastic particles in our water that indicate we are used to using too much plastic. We heat plastic in the microwave, buy plastic packaging and drink from plastic bottles. Get a little habit that changes lives – replace the water bottle with glass / stainless steel and try to avoid using disposable utensils or plastic utensils. Especially when eating or drinking hot drinks, and the plastic may leak and seep into our food and drink.
  24. Stop lying and making excuses for yourself Finally, get used to the excuses. Everything has a solution. Don’t have time to practice? Get up early. You have no motivation? Sign up for a fitness or running group. Are you afraid of the corona? We practiced in front of YouTube or Zoom. Do you want quality time with your partner? Do sports together! Get used to being honest with yourself, aware and striving to upgrade to the best version of yourself this year.

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