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Fear of weakness: Do the side effects of the third vaccine have a stronger effect than the second vaccine? Those aged 20 and over, who have been approved to be vaccinated with this dose, are concerned about the effect of the “booster” on the body, but according to Prof. Nadav Davidovich, Chairman of the Association of Public Health Physicians and an expert epidemiologist, there is no evidence that the side effects of the third vaccine are more significant than the other vaccines.

Davidovich said these things to Gideon Oko in a conversation he had with him today (Sunday) on his program on 103FM. “This disease has an effect on the immune system – but overall we see the same effects that are similar to the second vaccine,” Davidovich said. However, he detailed the side effects that may occur: “We do know that among younger people, even in the second vaccine, there were relatively more transient symptoms. Issues such as general weakness, fatigue, fever, headaches – even abdominal pain.”

“It is true that young people feel it more, but the significant effects, such as myocarditis or severe allergies – we really do not see things that are beyond the previous vaccine,” added the expert epidemiologist.

Corona Immunization Complex in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

This is how you will deal with the side effects

To those who had side effects after receiving the vaccine he said and recommended: “Do not be ashamed, if you feel you have some weakness, fatigue and fever – take a painkiller, and just slow down a bit that day”. And what about local pain in the needle puncture area? Davidovich recommended massaging the injection site: “It’s something that reduces the pain, and it applies to any vaccine – not just Corona.”

Good news for the holidays

Corona morbidity data, which continue to decline day by day, encourage the doctor: “There is a decrease in the coefficient of infection and a decrease in the percentage of positive answers,” he noted. “The number of cases is still high,” he added with some reluctance, but signed: “I am more optimistic than before – but be careful.”

According to the doctor, for those of us who host the holiday meal, but also for those who are hosted, in order to avoid infection, one must take a few simple steps, including: “Ventilate the house and try not to have mass meals.”

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